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What is the BRN’s intervention program for nurses in California?

On Behalf of | May 31, 2024 | Nursing License Defense |

A registered nurse who is struggling with substance abuse or mental illness could be at risk of losing their license. If they are practicing in California, they may turn to the intervention program of the Board of Registered Nursing (BRN).

The confidential program aims to protect public safety by providing nurses with early intervention and rehabilitation. If you are struggling with substance abuse or mental illness, how can you navigate your ordeal and return to safe practice through the BRN’s program?

Eligibility criteria

To participate, a nurse must hold an active California nursing license. They should also have a diagnosis of substance use disorder or mental illness. Additionally, they must not have done criminal acts related to their impairment.

Enrollment process

In addition, the program is voluntary because a nurse must initiate the enrollment process. After contacting the program directly, they will undergo an evaluation to determine eligibility.

Then, they will receive recommendations for appropriate treatment. Upon acceptance, they will sign a monitoring agreement that outlines their responsibilities.

Monitoring and treatment

The program monitors participants through random drug testing, support group attendance and regular reports from treatment providers. Furthermore, they must comply with their treatment plan, which may include counseling, therapy or inpatient care.

Benefits and drawbacks

Among the program’s benefits is that it offers nurses the chance to get help for their impairments without facing disciplinary action. If they complete the program, they can continue practicing nursing without restrictions.

However, they could face disciplinary action if they fail to comply with the program’s requirements. Worse, they might be unable to return to practice if they lose their license.

A step toward recovery

Joining an intervention program can be a challenging journey, but it could be a vital step toward healing and recovery. Seeking legal guidance may help you understand your rights, study your options and go through the process with more ease. Moreover, it may help you make informed decisions to improve your health and maintain your career.

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