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Things to know about California electrician license suspensions

On Behalf of | Jun 3, 2024 | Professional License Defense |

Electricians in California need to have a specific license so they can legally engage in their job duties. While many electricians progress in their careers without any issues, there are times when others may find out that their professional license has been suspended.

There are several reasons why an electrician’s license could be suspended. In many of these instances, it’s possible to have the license reinstated. Understanding what you have to do to get your license reinstated is critical because you can’t contract for work unless you have an active and valid license.

Possible causes of license suspensions

Some causes, such as lapsed workers’ compensation coverage or a cancelled required bond, can be rectified by obtaining the required coverage or bond then showing proof to the Contractors State License Board (CSLB). It’s critical to review the requirements, including time limits, for handling the corrective action.

All electricians are required to comply with applicable codes and other laws related to this trade. When they don’t, they can face disciplinary action, including license suspension. These cases typically require a disciplinary bond, but it’s sometimes necessary to try to fight the allegations of a violation.

Outstanding liabilities and civil judgements can also lead to a license suspension. These cases typically hinge on the outcome of a court case, so it’s best for electricians to have a legal representative who can protect their rights throughout the process. It’s critical to get any judgements or liabilities taken care of as quickly as possible, so being able to mitigate the amount may be beneficial. Additionally, all electricians who have legal action against them must ensure they understand when and how they must notify the CSLB.

Certain electrician license suspensions, such as those that involve civil court judgements, can be difficult to handle. It may behoove an electrician who’s facing a complex situation that might lead to a license suspension to seek legal assistance to learn what options they have for handling the matter with as little impact on their ability to earn a living as possible.

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